As we deepen the connection with ourselves and reach for what we want, we will inevitably come face to face with our insecurities. We’ll find ourselves experiencing uncomfortable emotions that nudge us towards distraction, bouts of confusion, and at times, intense emotions. 
It’s in all of these moments that we do the real work: the work to not get stuck, the work to stay connected, the work to bring understanding to the discomfort and clarity to the confusion. We grow as we feel into the impulses and unpleasant emotions until we get a sense of what’s true and what’s right for us. As we get in touch with this truth, a peaceful certainty arises that cuts through the fear. Not the kind of certainty that has to defend itself, and not a certainty that’s fixed, but one that knows we’re meeting the moment with our best sense of what’s right for us. This week we’ll focus on deepening that connection with ourselves.  

The Big Shift

Seriously level up your motivation.

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