The Two Problems

Two problems exist in the world of meaningful action, (1) knowing what to do, and (2) doing it
Let’s break down each problem by looking at examples of common challenges that I work with clients on. We’ll tie the concepts and ideas presented in this Introduction to these examples. One example captures knowing what to do and one encapsulates doing it
1) Christine is an entrepreneur with one main startup, but has a handful of other projects in mind. She doesn’t know if she should be spending time developing her startup or cultivating one of her new ideas. Her question to me was, “I don’t have time for everything, how do I know what I should focus on?”
2) Adam is a successful lawyer who’s struggled with his fitness. “For exercise, both time and motivation are the problem” he told me. “It’s not easy to make time for it, but also when I do, well, I just don’t want to do it.” He continues, “And changing my eating habits seems impossible. I try to eat healthy, but can’t seem to keep it up for more than a month or two at a time.” 

The Big Shift

Seriously level up your motivation.

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