Intro to the Introduction

I’m incredibly excited that you’re participating in this course. The content presented here has repeatedly created results for my one-on-one coaching clients over the last five years. It’s provided huge shifts in clarity, focus, and productivity, as well as a general sense of freedom, fulfillment, and enjoyment of life. It is my firm commitment that you experience these shifts as you navigate the course.
All the science on learning suggests that we learn content better with multiple touches of the content spaced out over time. To help the content stick, this introduction is a condensed version of the rest of the course. As such, one intention of the introduction is to plant conceptual seeds that will later blossom into transformational experiential shifts.
Some find that the text is quite dense. If you find yourself feeling overwhelmed or confused when reading, you may consider reading it in chunks. I've given 3 "break here" points in the Introduction breaking it up into 4 manageable sections. You can break or keep going, but if you break I recommend a break length somewhere between 10-30 minutes. Maybe take a short walk, stretch, or make a cup of tea. Breaks any longer than a day may cause some discontinuity between the last chunk and the next. 
Once you’ve read through the content, listening to the audio version in the background while driving or doing the dishes is a great way to have it sink in further. 
Finally, please try to complete this Introduction a few days before you plan to start the course. I recommend having it done the Friday before. This will give you the weekend to go through the content for Week 1 leaving you all set to start doing the weekday morning check-in videos on Monday.
Now, let’s begin the review of the course. We’ll start by taking a look at the two core problems we all face when we talk about motivation.

The Big Shift

Seriously level up your motivation.

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