On any given day, most of us aren’t creating our day as much as letting the day take us for a ride. We follow the same mental and emotional patterns that we followed yesterday. We react to stimuli and information we receive, doing what we typically do. 
The first step to changing our patterns is awareness. We need to know what's going on to change what's going on. It's with the intention of cultivating self-awareness that I introduce the daily check-in.
To create our day is to own our capacity to express. But to do this there has to be some element of knowing what it is we want to create, and this is our challenge. This week we’re going to create a habit of checking in with ourselves that focuses our awareness on our emotions and knowing what to do. Since knowing what to do is such a huge part of doing it, this also usually translates to an increased ease of action. 

The Big Shift

Seriously level up your motivation.

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