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It’s worth noting that this process is as effective for Fortune 500 CEOs as it is for unemployed college drop outs. We all have aspects of ourselves we’re not checking in with and honoring. And what comes up for you will be different than what comes up for someone else. This process addresses exactly what you are working on wherever you are in your life because you are the material for the course.  The course is just a framework that guides you into a deeper relationship with yourself. 
The actions that come up in the connection process may also change over time. One day it may feel like more of an accomplishment to finish X project, go for a jog, and reach out to a client you’ve been meaning to reach out to. The next it may be to eat 4 portions of vegetables, get through your email, and give your mother-in-law a birthday call. What comes up here should be the things that will have you feel most accomplished. 
You don’t necessarily need to put items on the list that you know you’re already going to do. Putting “go to sleep by 11PM” on your list if you’ve done that every weekday for the last 3 years is going to feel like you’re cheating yourself. "Call 10 potential clients” will also feel like you’re cheating yourself if that’s something you already do. 
Don't cheat yourself. Feel into what would be most authentic and right. If a twinge of fear comes up when imagining doing the action, that can be good or bad. Look at where that fear comes from. Is it insecurity or the sense that this may not be right? Don’t settle for the first explanation that comes. Really look. If it’s fear, consider taking the action. If it just feels wrong, don’t. If you aren’t sure, if you want, you can take the action and see how it makes you feel. 
The beauty of this process is that it meets you where you are. It takes you right to the edge of comfort, and shows you what the meaningful actions are. There are no objectively right or wrong actions; everything comes from within you. For some “working” more is what’s appropriate, and for others “working” less is what’s appropriate. 
Only you know what’s right, and the access point to that knowingness is always here right now in your feelings. Don’t assume you know what’s right, feel into it and be honest with yourself. 

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