Wipe the Slate Clean

Before we begin, I want you to wipe your slate clean. If you've tried and failed with habits or commitments to change in the past, just let that be the past. These past experiences may have you afraid that you’ll fail with this, that's okay. Notice that fear, acknowledge that it's real and present, and accept those feelings as reflections of the past. 
As you work through the course, I recommend working from this day forward. Treat each day as a blank slate. And as you start the process of this course, I really want you to take a minute to wipe everything clean. Forgive yourself for anything you’re needing to forgive yourself for. Accept yourself for anything you need to accept yourself for. Come into this moment with a curiosity for what you’re going to uncover and create as you move through the course.
Thank you. You deserve to start with a clean slate. Every day you do. If you’re not starting with a clean slate, you are likely wrapped up in guilt and shame about the past, which confounds your emotional and motivational connection to the present. So, feel it, forgive yourself, let it go, and shift your attention to creating today. 
Now let’s start to learn the daily check-in. 

The Big Shift

Seriously level up your motivation.

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